Best entry level Air Rifles in Australia under $500

Whilst a much more niche following than the general firearms community, air rifles have served a long history in Australia within the target shooting and hunting scene. With many firearm owners now looking towards the increasingly popular sport of air rifle shooting, there is an increasing number of air rifle brands and models on the […]

Warwick Firearms WFA1L/WFA1 Review

Nick from Mayall Pest and Vermin Control gives a review on the Warwick Firearms WFA1L/WFA1. The Warwick Firearms WFA1L is an Australian designed and made spring assisted straight-pull action rifle. Reminiscient of the AR platform with its styling, it is one of the latest offerings in growing straight-pull market in Australia. Video includes: Opinion on […]

HISTORY LOST: NZ Mandatory Gun Buy Back hits WWII relics.

Gun collectors in Otorohanga, Kath and Colin Arnold are among many New Zealanders mourning the loss of historic antique guns, made illegal by the hastily implemented New Zealand Gun bans. The ban which was first announced in the wake of the Christchurch shooting in April is widely thought by the public to be targeting purely […]