.270 vs .308

Comparing the .270 Winchester vs .308 Winchester While the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester are extremely versatile and effective medium game cartridges, they are quite different regarding origins and initial purposes. Besides that, it’s obvious that the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester rounds have very different external dimensions.   .270 Winchester .308 Winchester Bullet Diameter […]

Berika straight pull shotgun review

For many firearm enthusiasts the Berika brand has until recently been relatively unknown but with their latest straight pull shotgun making headway in the Australian market, it has now become a strong contender for those looking to make a straight pull purchase. While an average gun lover knows that fine gunstocks are usually made of […]

Howa 1500 review

Broadly speaking, from the market’s offering standpoint, it’s not hard to find a bolt action rifle specifically built for big game hunting or long distance shooting. However, if you want a practical and durable working gun or you are shopping for your first big game rifle, than it can be a daunting task. Nowadays, you […]