.223 vs .308

People like comparisons and such writing forms always have solid tracking and following. Considering that logic, ammunition cartridges comparisons are quite popular among lovers of the gunpowder smell. As the cartridges are more similar to each other the debate is raged on hotter as to which of these two rounds is better. But when we […]

.17HMR vs .22 Magnum

The real ammunition development begins with the introduction of the first self-contained, all metallic cartridges around 1845 in France. Louis-Nicolas Flobert created the first integrated rimfire metallic cartridge by modifying a percussion cap to hold a small lead bullet. The first truly modern cartridge was designed for the Flobert indoor target (gallery) rifle and came […]

.243 vs .308

Comparing the .243 Winchester vs .308 Winchester There are not so many fertile calibres such as .30-06 Springfield that have spawned and inspired the creation of so many successful cartridges directly or indirectly. Most of the .30-06’s descendants have the overall versatility their parent possesses, but a couple of them stand out from the crowd. […]

.270 vs .308

Comparing the .270 Winchester vs .308 Winchester While the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester are extremely versatile and effective medium game cartridges, they are quite different regarding origins and initial purposes. Besides that, it’s obvious that the .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester rounds have very different external dimensions.   .270 Winchester .308 Winchester Bullet Diameter […]

.222 VS .223

Comparing cartridges and calibres is a tricky business, with the large variety of cartridges with subtle variations which on appearance may make them appear similar, but in reality very different in performance and use. Guide to calibre designation That said, for a proper understanding of ammunition, one should know that calibre means ‘the diameter of […]

The Best Trail Cameras in Australia

Every hunter needs a quality trail camera when out in the wild. A trail camera will detect things in an area by reviewing motions and changes in local heat signatures. It can also give you more details on animals that are out in the field where you are hunting. A great trail camera will help […]

The Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

You’ll need a quality gun safe dehumidifier if you want to protect the guns inside your safe. A dehumidifier will keep your guns in a space with an approximate humidity of about 45 to 50 percent. Excess humidity can produce rust and make your gun less functional, while too little can cause the stock in […]

The 7 Best .243 Rifles in Australia

The .243 is an excellent calibre, versatile for both small to medium game and arguably one of the most accurate rounds available in this bracket. You can hunt small game and deer both reliably with this gun. The 7 Best .243 Rifles Currently on the Market Here is our list featuring the 7 top .243 […]

Semi Auto Air Rifles In Australia

Semi auto air rifles offer a unique ability in most jurisdictions for Australian’s to purchase a semi automatic rifle with their existing firearms licence. Semi auto air rifles are legal in all Australian states under a category A licence. You can use your licence to acquire one of these four top-quality semi auto air rifles. […]

The 5 Best .223 Rifles you can buy in Australia

The .223 cartridge is a popular choice amongst hunters and target shooters alike. Both affordable, capable taking on most small to midrange hunting targets and good ballistic properties mean that a rifle chambered in .223 can take on most tasks. On long shooting days, you can carry more ammunition, as the weight is comparatively lower. […]