Best .22 Magnum Rifles on the market

Many hunters get started with hunting by shooting with a .22 Magnum rifle. If you are looking to start shooting for sports, you can’t go wrong with these rifles. .22 Magnum rifles are popular, as they are great for small game hunting and target shooting. These are also ideal for teaching kids to shoot with […]

What to consider when buying a used shotgun

There are many people who enjoy hunting, shooting, or just collecting firearms, and so they are always on the lookout for the best guns. The price of quality guns is always going up, but one way to save money is to purchase pre-owned firearms. Used shotguns are particularly popular, but while buying a new gun […]

Best entry level Air Rifles in Australia under $500

Whilst a much more niche following than the general firearms community, air rifles have served a long history in Australia within the target shooting and hunting scene. With many firearm owners now looking towards the increasingly popular sport of air rifle shooting, there is an increasing number of air rifle brands and models on the […]

Best Bolt Action .22 Rifles in Australia

The question of what is the best .22 rifle is one of the most popular and well contest discussion in the firearms community in Australia. Whilst the .22 rifle might be seen as ‘beneath’ the larger calibre rifles on the market, it still remains the most commonly used ammunition type used in Australia. The .22 […]

What to look for when buying a firearm online

Firearms owners in Australia are increasingly turning towards the second-hand market when looking for their gun purchase. As with any significant purchase, spending a little time and knowledge checking the potential acquisition can make sure you are satisfied with your used gun purchase. Buy From a Reputable Source It goes without saying, but this is […]