EXCLUSIVE: Victorian Government claims of “Firearms Stockpiling” don’t add up.

DESPITE Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew’s claiming that the rising number of firearm and ammunition sales was the cause for the sales bans implemented across the state, Victoria Police has refused to release the figures that back the claim up under the assertion that no such document exists. In a statement exclusively provided to GunHub, Victoria […]

Shooters Union Demand QLD Government Immediately Lift Gun Shop Restrictions

MEDIA RELEASE – THE Queensland Government’s spiteful war on struggling businesses must end today, according to one of the country’s peak lobby groups. In March, the state’s Chief Health Officer issued an order closing every gun shop and armourer in the state as part of the COVID-19 response. Following intense pressure and from industry, agricultural […]

Labor going rogue on Firearm sales bans

AN explosive report from Fairfax media reports that according to Canberra sources, the Federal Government made no decision to ban the sale of firearms or ammunition in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic at the National Cabinet. Despite State Labor claims that the decisions on Firearm Sales Bans were made at the national Cabinet. The sources […]

Firearm and Ammo prices skyrocket by 15-17% as Government claim “no reason to stockpile”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews last week bizarrely claimed there was no reason to stockpile firearms and ammo, whilst simultaneously placing a ban on firearm and ammo sales during the COVID-19 epidemic. Thereby disproving his own claim. Other states, including NSW and Queensland have followed suit. Exemptions include Primary Producers, armed guards and vermin control professionals […]

Fresh Calls for New South Wales to Cull Starving Brumbies

The New South Wales government is under new pressure to reverse its law against the culling of feral horses in the Kosciuszko National Park. Some organisations fear that the ever-increasing population of these brumbies pose a danger not only to the horses but also the landscape and other animals within the park. These calls come […]

Shooters Union calls for Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville to resign over “disgusting” domestic violence comments

MEDIA RELEASE – ONE of Australia’s most prominent pro-firearms organisations has called for Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville to resign in the wake of disgusting, offensive and baseless comments implying licensed firearms owners were domestic violence offenders. Speaking at a televised press conference yesterday morning, Ms Neville openly declared the Victorian Government’s decision to halt […]

Ammo Shortage Fear: US Panic Buying & Weaker Dollar leads to price rises and shortage.

MAJOR gun stores are warning customers that their orders of ammunition are being limited or are becoming more expensive, as Ammunition Panic Buying grips the US. Australian wholesalers are beginning to see trends that indicate that Australia will face ammo shortages and price increases in the coming months. “We expect to see price rises and […]

Major Australian Bank Shutting Down Firearms Businesses Bank Accounts

In another case of large corporates kowtowing to fringe interest groups which don’t represent the majority of Australians, The National Australia Bank (NAB) has been reviewing their relationships with the firearms businesses and decided they will be cancelling and closing the business banking accounts and credit facilities solely because they run government licenced, legally operated […]

NSW Police Minister refuses to stand down as Police confirm investigation underway.

The NSW Police Minister David Elliot has today flagged that he will not stand down, despite the fact he is now under criminal investigation for what he describes as an “administrative breach”. Yesterday, GunHub reported that Mr Elliot has fired a fully automatic submachine gun without the appropriate license, which is illegal in NSW even […]

NSW Police Minister facing prospect of Gun Charges

NSW Police Minister David Elliot is tonight facing the daunting prospect of criminal charges after images surfaced of the minister shooting two prohibited firearms at a range at a Correctional Centre without the appropriate licenses. Today the NSW Police said that it had reviewed images of Mr Elliot firing a semi-automatic pistol and a Heckler […]