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Clay Pigeon Shooting In Adelaide

clay pigeon shooting adelaide
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Adelaide is home to various outstanding clay pigeon shooting sites. You will love how these places support many excellent clay pigeon shooting disciplines. These sites are open to many people, with some of them running various clubs. Here’s a good look at some of the top sites for clay pigeon shooting in Adelaide.

State Shooting Park


Address: 65 Park Road, Buckland Park SA 5120

Phone: 0401 123 978

Your first choice for clay pigeon shooting in Adelaide is the State Shooting Park in the northern suburb of Buckland Park near Virginia. The South Australia Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing operates this site.

The State Shooting Park features three skeet shooting layouts. The lanes offer automatic loading bays that will help you shoot clay pigeons in moments. You’ll also find six down-the-line traps and two Olympic trench layouts. These spots go alongside the multiple free pistol bays at the site.

The State Shooting Park is also home to many local shooting clubs. The South Australian Clay Target Association and International Clay Target Club both operate at the park.

Monarto Shooting Complex


Address: Rifle Road and Ferries McDonald Road, Monarto South SA 5254

Phone: 0408 803 581

The Monarto Shooting Complex is another clay pigeon shooting site from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing. The site features skeet and down-the-line trap ranges. The Monarto Clay Target Club operates out of this complex.

You will require an appointment when visiting the complex. You can contact any of the clubs that operate here for details on shooting here.

Hellenic Shooting Sports of SA


Address: 669 Law Road, Rockleigh SA 5254

Phone: 08 8379 5755

Hellenic Shooting Sports is about an hour away from Adelaide in Rockleigh. The venue has more than six hundred acres of space for shooting. The range offers multiple clay pigeon and skeet shooting events each year. The venue states that it launches more than 60,000 clays each year on average. You’ll find many shooting bays here, plus you’ll receive support and guidance from the talented shooting experts who work at the range.

South Australian Gun Club

Address: 36 Undo Road, Waterloo Corner SA 5110

Phone: 08 8280 8309

Hours: 12pm to 4:30pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays

The South Australian Gun Club offers a brilliant approach to clay pigeon shooting where people of all skill levels are welcome. You can join the club and learn how to handle a rifle and how to shoot well. The group supports most clay pigeon shooting disciplines, and the team can let you know how these work to help you find a unique shooting experience you will love.

Rocky Gully Sporting Clays


Address: 3749 Old Princes Highway, Rocky Gully SA 5254

Phone: 0416 056 133

Rocky Gully Sporting Clays features a full-size shooting range where you can fire clay pigeons with a 12-gauge shotgun. The park offers private coaching and monthly competitions for group members. It also offers shooting packages for bucks parties and team-building activities.

The team members at Rocky Gully can also help you get your firearms licence. You can receive training here to help you understand how to safely and responsibly handle your firearm in South Australia.

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The exciting world of clay pigeon shooting in Adelaide is exciting for everyone to explore. You’ve got many great places to see when looking for a clay pigeon shooting site. Check around to see what’s open, and be sure to leave a comment if you want to recommend any other clay pigeon shooting sites in the Adelaide area.

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