GunHub for Dealers

GunHub is Australia’s leading firearms marketplace. Designed by firearm owners who were tired of having few options for a simple and easy to use place to sell their firearms, GunHub uses the latest technology and simple design to help you sell more firearms.

Why sign up for a dealer account?

Signing up for a dealer account gives you access to a dealer profile where your customers can view all your items for sale on GunHub. This is preferable to having a private seller profile as your dealer profile will advertise your Firearm Store prominently — even with a free account.

Why should I pay for a paid account?

Paid accounts enjoy more features in their store and also get an allotment of free listings per month. At the higher tiers, your store can show up across our news and review content which receives well over 30,000 views per month and growing rapidly.

GunHub Store

Partner with GunHub
  • Advanced Dealer Store
  • Add 5 items for free to your GunHub store per month (value $99.95)
  • Show up higher on Dealer Search (Value $21.99)
  • Opportunities to Advertise on GunHub news
  • Access to discounted listings on GunHub

GunHub Premium

Exclusive, 1 spot per state!
$ 2499 Monthly
  • Advanced Dealer Store
  • Add 50 Free Listings per month to GunHub (Value $999.50)
  • Your store will be promoted across GunHub news (Value $1000)
  • Show up even higher on Dealer Search (Value $31.99)
  • One sponsored story per year on GunHub News (Value $499, Subject to approval)
  • All your listings show up higher and get sold quicker.
  • 25% off additional already discounted dealer listings, up to 100 listings per month.

Ready to Get started?
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Reasons you should use GunHub for your Business:

  • GunHub’s industry leading listing system allows you to put up your listings within minutes, upload multiple images and write descriptions. 
  • Selected GunHub listings are also sent out to our user database via email and listed on our Facebook page
  • Industry leading bulk discounting of prices for dealers including options for the Dealer+ product with featured “top of the page” listings.
  • Listings remain live for 6 months unless sold, up to twice as long as many of our competitors offerings.
  • Selling something new and got a lot of them? Just list it once, and your listing will last for 6 months!
  • None of the stingy rules of the competitors. Just make sure you’re listing one item only, and even if you have a dozen of that item, that’s okay!

If you need to speak to our Dealer Account Manager please email and we can arrange a convenient time to call you.