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Firearm and Ammo prices skyrocket by 15-17% as Government claim “no reason to stockpile”

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews last week bizarrely claimed there was no reason to stockpile firearms and ammo, whilst simultaneously placing a ban on firearm and ammo sales during the COVID-19 epidemic. Thereby disproving his own claim. Other states, including NSW and Queensland have followed suit.

Exemptions include Primary Producers, armed guards and vermin control professionals and in some states, large landholders.

Today, It was revealed by Melbourne Firearms that Firearms manufacturers have announced an increase in prices as the dollar falls against the greenback.

“The level of increase varies from brand to brand but as a guide, most prices will increase by approximately 15%” a statement from Beretta Australia states. A similar statement from Winchester reads “Winchester Australia will increase a price rise on all products, effective 6 April 2020”.

Raytrade and NIOA have yet to revise their price list but have flagged increases in the near future, with Raytrade specifically stating once stock already imported into Australia is expended, prices will rise by around 15%.

Firearms Dealers are turning to layby to allow their customers to place an order for firearms now, locking in current prices, for pickup once the COVID-19 Pandemic is over.

Luke is one of the co-founders of GunHub and has helped build GunHub into a platform for other gun owners to buy and sell guns easily.

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