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nikko stirling scopes
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Nikko Stirling has more than sixty years of experience in making optics for firearm owners. Nikko Stirling started in 1956 and prides itself in focusing only on hunting optics. The team focuses on helping hunters be successful and accurate in all their shots. Nikko Stirling develops and manufactures most of its products in Japan and makes them available to hunters worldwide.

Nikko Stirling sells optics products that will last through even the roughest conditions. Some of the companies oldest optics products from forty years ago still work today. Nikko Stirling even offers a lifetime warranty on its products.

A Focus on Quality

The most popular products you’ll find from Nikko Stirling are their hunting scopes. These scopes are available in multiple sizes. You find scopes with an objective lens diameter from 24 to 60 mm.

Many of these models also offer magnification levels of up to 50x. You can adjust the magnification on a scope through the knob at the top. Some models provide magnification levels from 10x to 50x, while a 1x to 6x model will work better for smaller hunting needs.

You’ll also find an extended field of vision or FOV at 100 yards on many models. You can see more than 30 metres from left to right in your scope from 100 metres away on many models.

Scope Aligners

Nikko Stirling can help you configure your scope with Nikko Stirling’s scope aligner. The aligner lets you adjust the scope after you mount it on your rifle. There are sixteen separate barrel arbores in the Nikko Stirling aligner kit, so you should find whatever one you require in moments. Nikko Stirling does recommend you test your rifle in a shooting range beforehand to see that your aligner works properly and that your scope is suitable for hunting.

Reflex Sights

You will also find some top-rate reflex sights from Nikko Stirling for your hunting needs. These reflex sights make it easy for people to spot their targets while hunting. The sight works well for tactical hunting needs, as they come with 1x magnification features to help you get a more accurate look at your target from your location. There’s also a clear dot on each sight to help you focus on your target when firing. The design gives you more control over how you’re going to hunt your target.

Laser Rangefinders

You can also use a laser rangefinder from Nikko Stirling when you’re trying to check out things from far distances. Nikko Stirling offers rangefinders with 6x magnification rates. You can see from more than a 1000 metres out with one of these rangefinders. The design helps you see the distance between your location and whatever you will target.

The laser range finders from Nikko Stirling offer long-running bodies with batteries that can last for a long time. A typical battery will last for at least five thousand actuations.

Monocular Devices

Nikko Stirling sells monocular devices that are easily portable and help you see distant targets. A Nikko Stirling monocular features a 6x magnifier and produces a wide angle FOV where you can see about 160 metres from left to right from about a 1000 metres out. The design works well when you’re trying to find things in a detailed forest or other wide space.

Don’t Forget the Mounts

You’ll also find mounts from Nikko Stirling when you need one for your hunting rifle. Nikko Stirling makes mounts that can help you fit one of Nikko Stirling’s scopes on your rifle. You can order a one or two-piece mount, with many offering recoil prevention systems that keep the scope in place after firing. You could also get a Picatinny base mount ready for your rifle if you need something a little more flexible. The mounts Nikko Stirling makes will fit most rifles, so you shouldn’t worry about whether what you order from Nikko Stirling will work with your firearm.

You’ll find many helpful products from Nikko Stirling when you’re looking for the right hunting tools for the field. Look at how Nikko Stirling products can work for you when you’re searching for great scopes, mounts, finders, and other items for hunting purposes.

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