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Semi Auto Air Rifles In Australia

semi auto air rifles
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Semi auto air rifles offer a unique ability in most jurisdictions for Australian’s to purchase a semi automatic rifle with their existing firearms licence.

Semi auto air rifles are legal in all Australian states under a category A licence. You can use your licence to acquire one of these four top-quality semi auto air rifles.

Evanix Air Speed

The Evanix Air Speed is a semi auto air rifle that works best for people looking for a rifle that is easy to load in less time. The Air Speed’s smooth cycling means you can cycle through the standard magazine in 2 seconds.

The Air Speed is available in four calibres. You can order a .177, .22, .25, or .302 rifle.

The Air Speed features a 280cc air reservoir and can support a maximum pressure of 250 bars. It can work with as little as 70 bars of pressure depending on the calibre you use, however to maximize the number of available shots and fps you will want to get as close to the maximum as practical. The rifle produces a muzzle velocity of more than 1,000 fps in many instances, although you’ll find the total velocity will vary depending on the calibre you use.

You’ll notice a shrouded barrel at the front of the rifle. The shroud provides proper coverage to prevent unwanted items from entering inside the barrel, making it easier for you to maintain and clean your air rifle.

The Air Speed is available in wood and synthetic stocks, plus the butt pad can be adjusted up or down as necessary. The Air Speed also supports most scopes. The rifle is 3.7 kg without a scope, so you won’t need to worry about bogging it down when you add something new.

Evanix Raptor

The Evanix Raptor is another semi auto air rifle that works well for people who need an air rifle for target shooting or pest control needs. The rifle uses its air supply to cock the hammer and to move pellets from your magazine in moments.

You can get the Evanix Raptor working with either .22 or .25 ammo. The 290cc air reservoir provides enough air pressure for all your shots. The gun also features a magazine with either nine rounds on .25 ammo or ten rounds of .22 shot. You can expect to get 40 to 45 rounds off with the tank before your FPS degrades too much and requires a refill.

You can review the pressure gauge on your rifle to see how well it functions. The gauge does not add much to the rifle’s weight, which is already light at 3 kg.

The rifle also features a picatinny rail layout. The rail provides a wide and deep space that lets you mount various sights or other attachments to the top.

Evanix Avalanche

People looking for a semi auto air rifle that has more room for air will benefit from the Evanix Avalanche. The Avalanche features a 740cc air reservoir at the bottom to keep you shooting wherever you go.

The Avalanche supports .22 and .25 ammo. The rifle works with up to 200 bars of pressure, plus it can fit ten rounds of ammo regardless of the calibre you use.

The dove-tail scope rail provides a simple design for adding scopes and other attachments. The sliding rail system features an inverted trapezoid cross-section that fits most items.

The muzzle velocity in the Avalanche will stay consistent as you keep on firing. The Avalanche produces a velocity of up to 1,050 fps for .22-calibre ammo or 940 fps for .25-calibre ammo.

You’ll also notice an ambidextrous thumbhole in this air rifle. The hole provides a solid grip for either hand.

Crosman 1077

The Crosman 1077 is the last choice to see when looking for a semi auto air rifle in Australia. The Crosman 1077 is a .177-calibre air rifle. It is a twelve-shot repeater that runs on traditional twelve-gram carbon dioxide cartridges. It fires in moments and produces effective results without producing lots of noise.

The air rifle shoots at velocities of up to 780 fps. The rifled steel barrel ensures a surprisingly accurate grouping as its synthetic body provides a good build without risking potential water damage.

The Crosman 1077 also features a brilliant wooden stock. You can use a traditional brown wood tone, or you can stick with a black synthetic choice if you’re looking for something a little more unique or refined.

The rear sight features an adjustable body. The fiber optic front sight also helps you get the best aim going when you shoot.

The biggest draw on the Crosman is price. Coming in at a fraction of the price of any of the Evanix range, you can enter into the semi auto air rifle market on the smallest budgets.

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These four semi auto air rifles in Australia are worthwhile choices to see when looking for a quality air rifle. Look at how these work if you’re interested in something for recreational shooting or pest control.

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