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Shooting Range Essentials

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The shooting range is the perfect place to learn some shooting skills and to maintain it. It is a safe place where you can practice until you become confident in handling your gun. If you are planning on going to a shooting range and it is your first time to do so, know that there are several items that you should bring with you to the range for your protection.

Hearing Protection

Guns give off a loud bang when fired, possibly damaging unprotected ears. Even if you use a small handgun at the range, another shooter may be using a larger gun. For your protection, wear foam earplugs, or even better, ear muffs. You can buy or rent them, but it will be safer if you have a pair of your own.

Eye Protection

This is one of the most important things that you should use at the shooting range. In fact, you might be allowed to shoot unless you wear the proper eye protection that passed the OSHA standards.

There are shooting glasses that can ensure your comfort and style and give you value for your money for their durability. They even have options for frames and lenses to use in various colours, sizes, and styles.

Maintenance Tools

Always bring your maintenance tools to the range. Otherwise, your day of fun might turn into a day of disappointment if you learned that you can’t use your gun because it needed cleaning or some maintenance.

Even if you maintain your guns, there is still a possibility that they might need servicing at the range. Make sure to bring patches and rugs with you.

Shooting Rest

If you don’t want to shoot with your gun in the dirt, use a bipod for a rifle, or a gun mat for a rifle or a pistol. This will keep your gun safe from the dust and dirt usually covering the shooting tables.

First Aid Kit

Bring trauma packs, band-aids, and other things that you need for a first aid in case you hurt yourself at the range.  No matter how careful you are, you can’t guarantee that accidents won’t happen.

Range Bag

You need a range bag to hold all the things that you need to bring to the shooting range. The best one should have enough compartments to hold your handguns and its accessories. The more pockets it has, the more organised your bag will be.

Ammunition and Targets

The ammunition intended for use in the shooting range should be reliable, but cheaper than your competition grade ammo. Bring extra ammo in case you want to spend more time at the range.

Targets are often sold at shooting ranges, but they are usually more expensive than those sold outside. If you’re shooting on a private property you can try out the more creative options such as targets that burst into a  cloud of colourful dust after being hit or targets that spin, wobble or bounce when hit.

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You need all these items for a fun, safe, and smooth practice at the shooting range. Make sure to prepare these things before you book a few hours or so at the range.

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