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Shooting Ranges in Canberra

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The Australian Capital Territory is home to many exciting shooting ranges. These include many venues not far from the national capital of Canberra. You can learn how to shoot at one of these ranges. You could also earn your firearm licence in some places.

This brief listing of Canberra shooting ranges includes places that cover all the top firearm styles. Take a look at what you’ll enjoy when firing out here.

Monaro Arms

6/105 Newcastle Street, Fyshwick

02 6235 0005

Monaro Arms has been serving the Canberra area in Fyshwick for more than forty years. The venue has a small range where you can test out different firearms. It offers courses where you can learn about shooting firearms and how to handle your guns. The place will help you earn your firearms licence.

Canberra National Pistol Club

20 Mount Ainslie Drive, Campbell

02 6247 2936

You can go a little north of the city centre to the Canberra National Pistol Club in Campbell if you’re looking for a comprehensive shooting site. The Pistol Club features 25m and 50m outdoor ranges. There’s also an indoor 24-bay air pistol range available here.

The venue offers competitions every Sunday morning where club members can compete to see who is the best shooter. The club offers different competitions like rapid fire shooting, air or sport pistol shooting, and free pistol activities. The club also offers firearm storage services for people looking to keep their materials safe.

Canberra Rifle Club

22 Hector McIntosh Grove, Majura

The Canberra Rifle Club is an entertaining place that offers full bore target rifle shooting at the McIntosh Rifle Range. It offers bolt-action single-shot rifles for firing.

The rifle club also has F-Class rifles available in .308 and .223 calibres. These rifles are in an open class, meaning you can use any calibre up to 8mm when firing one of these guns.

The outdoor range offers various targets of different distances. You can shoot from 300 to 900 metres away.

The rifle club will help you learn how to shoot rifles of all sorts. You can attain your licence through the club, as the place offers certification lessons throughout the year.

Canberra International Clay Target Club

Charcoal Kiln Road, Kowen

0403 903 072

The eastern end of the ACT is home to the Canberra International Clay Target Club, a place where you can shoot clay pigeons with a full-scale rifle. The club will help you learn how to shoot clay pigeons and how to use the right technique. The place also has competitions where people can test their skills and see how well they can shoot at various targets. You can also host a corporate or group event at the club.

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These Canberra shooting ranges offer some great things for people to explore. You will enjoy finding many places for shooting while out in this part of Australia.

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