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Shooting Ranges in Melbourne

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It’s no surprise that a burgeoning city like Melbourne would have plenty of shooting ranges for you to visit. You’ll find many shooting ranges in Melbourne that offer firing activities for all interests. Some venues focus on pistol shooting, while others concentrate on clay pigeons. But you will likely find a great place of value no matter what your shooting interest is while in Melbourne. These include places where many people train for international shooting competitions.

SSAA Springvale Range

714-716 Prince Highway, Springvale

03 9547 0007

The Sport Shooters Association of Australia has a range in Springvale in the southeastern end of Melbourne. The range features a 10m air rifle range and separate 25-50m pistol ranges and a 50m rimfire rifle range. There are six ranges at this venue, each one having distinct targets where you can practice your shots. You can use a standard shooting position, or you can practice a rapid-fire shooting style where you need to hit a target enough times in a few seconds.

You can shoot a .22 rifle while at the range, or you can shoot one of many pistols at a dedicated range. These include the .22lr Beretta 87 Target and the 9mm Luger pistols. The pistols are among the most prominent traditional choices you can use when shooting in Melbourne.

Melbourne International Shooting Club

120 Todd Road, Port Melbourne

03 9646 3976

You’ll find the Melbourne International Shooting Club a little closer to downtown near the Yarra River. The venue has been used for many international competitions, including a few Commonwealth Games events. It is also a prominent training site for many Australians who represent the country in different competitions.

You can try your hand at air rifle, prone rifle, and positional shooting. These separate rifle shooting disciplines require different skills, and you can build upon how well you can handle all these while at the shooting range. You’ll also find 10, 25, and 50m pistol ranges. Centre fire and rapid-fire pistols are available for shooting. You can test your ability to compete in various disciplines for an exciting experience. The venue also has indoor and outdoor ranges for competition and training.

Oz Shooting – Carrum Downs

123 Rossiter Road, Carrum Downs

0488 746 000

The southeastern suburb of Carrum Downs is home to an Oz Shooting location. Oz Shooting focuses on clay pigeon shooting. Clay pigeon shooting is an exciting activity, as it entails looking for targets and timing your shots perfectly.

Newcomers to shooting can learn how to shoot at Oz Shooting. People can learn how to handle a gun and how to use the proper technique when firing.

You can also bring a group to the range if you’re looking for a party event where everyone can try their luck shooting clay pigeons. You can even schedule a visit with many people in a group. You can hold a competition at the shooting range where whoever is the most successful in shooting clay pigeons will win a trophy.

Camberwell Target Rifle Club

17 Robinson Road, Surrey Hills

03 9808 4416

The Camberwell Target Rifle Club in the northeastern suburb of Surrey Hills is welcoming to shooters of all skill and experience levels. The rifle club has been in operation since 1917, making it one of the oldest rifle shooting ranges in the Melbourne area.

The Camberwell Target Rifle Club features a 20m indoor shooting range. It offers bench rest, prone rifle, and air rifle shooting. The venue focuses mainly on target shooting, an activity that requires plenty of discipline and control for your success.

Fairfield Rifle Club

167 Wingrove Street, Fairfield

08 8380 9686

Go a little further north to Fairfield to visit the Fairfield Rifle Club. The venue features a 25m range and offers rifle and pistol firing. The venue focuses mainly on a no-frills approach to shooting, as it gives you a straightforward range where you can practice your shots on 25m targets. It is a basic shooting club, but it is useful for beginners who want to learn how to shoot.

Oakleigh Pistol Club

Simpson Road, Clayton South

03 9584 1457

The Oakleigh Pistol Club has been serving shooting enthusiasts in the Melbourne area since the 1950s. The pistol club supports many shooting disciplines of interest. You can practice your rapid-fire, standard, free, or air pistol shooting while at the Oakleigh Pistol Club.

You can compete on either a 25m or 50m range at the pistol club. The shooting range features different target layouts that fit unique disciplines of value. You will enjoy how well you can complete great shots here, especially when you want to hone your skills and make the most out of your shooting efforts.

Go Shooting

1225 Ballan Road, Quandong

1800 746 684

Go Shooting is another place that focuses on clay pigeon shooting. The place has been around for twenty years and provides an outstanding shooting experience in the western end of the Melbourne area.

The instructors at Go Shooting will help you learn how to shoot a rifle and how to target clay pigeons. The place offers private coaching to help you learn how to fire well and to be more accurate. You can enjoy shooting in a group or individually at Go Shooting.

Cranbourne Field and Game

123 Rossiter Road, Carrum Downs

Your last place to see in the Melbourne area is Cranbourne Field and Game, a venue that offers many shooting opportunities. You can practice your firing shots here, or you can go out on the clay pigeon field.

Each of these choices for a quality shooting range in the Melbourne area is useful for offering many ways to shoot. Whether you’re into air rifles or clay pigeon shooting, you’ll find many options for you to explore. You’ll especially like how many venues will help you get into shooting if you’re a newcomer to the field.

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