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Shooting Ranges in Newcastle

Newcastle Feature
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Newcastle is a beautiful city in New South Wales that features many entertaining activities for people to enjoy. Whether it’s for a solo trip or a corporate occasion, you’ll find many things to do throughout Newcastle. Some of the more popular things people can enjoy while in the city are its various shooting ranges.

Newcastle offers multiple shooting ranges that focus on specific shooting disciplines. You’ll find some great shooting opportunities throughout the city, as you will see in this listing of shooting venues.

Cessnock Rifle Range

20 Quorrobolong Road, Cessnock

The Cessnock Rifle Range is a place that helps train people who want to learn how to shoot rifles. The venue has trained a few people who have competed with the Australian Rifle Team.

The Cessnock Rifle Range is run by the Cessnock Rifle Club, a group that has been serving the community since 1908. The place has grown over the years to include more shooting bays and ranges. It also has digital targets that use sensors to detect where a bullet hits, which provides an accurate review of how well a shooter is performing in the field.

You can shoot target or service rifles at the firing range. There are also military rifle competitions at the club throughout the year.

West Wallsend Rifle Club

20 Quorrobolong Road, Cessnock

0419 613 505

The West Wallsend Rifle Club is a club in Cessnock that hosts multiple ranges for prone position shooting. You can fire a full-bore or target rifle, or you can compete with an F-Class rifle. Some rifles can support telescopic sights, giving you a better chance to hit your target.

The venue also features targets from varying distances. You can shoot at targets from 300 to 900 yards away.

Newcastle Pistol Club

54 Eldon Street, Waratah

02 4968 4244

The Newcastle Pistol Club is an exciting place to visit while in the area. The club is in the northern end of Newcastle in Waratah. The club has been operating since 1964. The venue highlights target pistol shooting in all fields. The place focuses on safety and helps people learn how to shoot guns well and to maintain their firearms right.

The pistol club features multiple firing fields that cover different pistol formats. It has a dedicated program for women looking to learn to shoot. There’s also a program for junior shooters over the age of twelve, although all junior shooters must have the consent of a parent or guardian to participate.

Newcastle Lake Macquarie Clay Target Club

468 Wilton Road, Awaba

02 4950 5111

You can also explore the Newcastle Lake Macquarie Clay Target Club if you want to try your luck at clay pigeon shooting. The club is in the southern suburb of Awaba.

The range offers multiple bays where you can shoot clay pigeon targets. The place offers support for trap, skeet, down the line, and universal trench shooting disciplines. The venue has competitions on weekends, plus you can practice your shooting efforts on Tuesdays.

City of Maitland Pistol Club

Metford Road, Tenambit

02 4933 5124

The nearby city of Maitland is also home to an entertaining firing range. The City of Maitland Pistol Club supports pistols of all sizes. The place features mostly outdoor ranges with 10m and 25m targets.

Be advised that the pistol club does not supply pistols to visitors. You will have to bring your own to the range.

Nelson Bay Pistol Club

4967 Nelson Bay Road, Nelson Bay

0418 476 684

You can travel further northeast to Nelson Bay to reach the Nelson Bay Pistol Club. The club features three ranges for shooting. The place focuses on air rifles and is open to people of all skill levels. It also has a junior program for shooters twelve and over.

Cessnock Pistol Club

650 Maitland Road, Cessnock

02 4930 8204

Your last venue to go to is the Cessnock Pistol Club, which is slightly northeast of the Cessnock Rifle Range. As the name suggests, the Cessnock Pistol Club focuses on pistol firing and has been serving the area since 1969. The range hosts many competitions year-round, including some state and national competitions. It offers vintage pistol and black powder firing events.

There are five 25m ranges at the pistol club, with each offering different shooting opportunities. You can fire at falling plates, barricades, and many other target formats. The ranges also feature support for rapid-fire and prone or seated shooting positions. There’s also a 25m air pistol range and two 50m ranges for small bore and black powder rifles. The ranges offer multiple bays for competitions.

You will love your experience at any of the shooting ranges in Newcastle. Check out one of these sites if you’re looking for something new to do in the city.

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