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Shooting Ranges in Perth

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People in Western Australia will find many options for shooting ranges in the Perth area. This listing of the best shooting ranges in Perth includes various places that support different gun layouts and shooting distances. You can try your luck with a pistol, or you can use a more powerful rifle or shotgun if you want an adventure. Whatever the case, you’ll find many places around the Perth area that are welcoming to longtime shooters and newcomers who want to learn more about the field.

Keep all of the rules surrounding each shooting range in the Perth area in mind. The minimum age to shoot at most ranges will vary from thirteen to sixteen, although anyone under eighteen should be accompanied by an adult. You also may not require a firearm licence in many cases, but some venues may require licences for certain activities. Some places may also allow you to bring your own firearms, although whatever you bring will be subject to review beforehand.

Pine Valley Pistol Club

254 Jules Steiner Memorial Drive, Whiteman

You can start your search for shooting ranges in Perth at this venue in the northern suburb of Whiteman. The Pine Valley Pistol Club features seventeen ranges for shooting, with each lane featuring various unique design points. The venue features 10m and 25m lanes in multiple simulated environments. The space provides a fun way to shoot, plus it offers instructional sessions for newcomers who want to learn how to fire their pistols.

The pistol club helps people learn about three critical aspects of firing. These entail accuracy, power, and speed. All shooters will need to look at how well they can fire their pistols without risking possible harm while also being effective. You can learn how to handle your guns and how to make the most of your shots through private lessons at the club. The trained professionals at the Pine Valley club will help you learn everything about your gun and how to get the best possible shot out of your work.

Lone Ranges Shooting Complex

107 Robinson Avenue, Belmont

08 9277 9200

The Lone Ranges Shooting Complex features helpful employees who will assist you with whatever shooting activity you’re interested in the most. The employees can help you review how each pistol works, plus you can receive guidance on what firearm fits your interests and shooting style the most.

The indoor range includes lanes for shotgun, rifle, and pistol shooting. You can fire a 12-gauge shotgun, or you can try a .357 mag bolt action rifle. The venue also has an extensive array of 9mm pistols in all forms, including the Baby Desert Eagle and the Browning Hi-Power models.

Junior shooters thirteen years of age or greater can also visit the shooting range, provided they have parental supervision.

Wanneroo Shooting Complex

Graham Pow Drive, Pinjar

You can travel about an hour north of Perth to the suburb of Pinjar to visit this next option for shooting in the area. The Wanneroo Shooting Complex includes both traditional shooting and clay pigeon firing.

The venue is one of the most experienced places for shooting in the Perth area. It was formed in 1982 and features ten ranges, with each venue focusing on a unique discipline. Some of the lanes here include ones for big game rifles, field rifles, sporting clays, lever-action rifles, and muzzle-loaders.

The venue features open-air and covered shooting spaces. You can try prone and standing shooting at the range, with more than twenty lanes available over its ten ranges. The complex is staffed by a team that will help you see how well you’re firing your rifles. The venue also focuses heavily on lever-action rifles.

Canning Club

166 Johnston Road, Canning Vale

0419 912 825

The Canning Club is a rolling range that focuses on multiple disciplines. The shooting range is open for professionals, juniors, and newcomers to shooting.

There are seven outdoor ranges available at the Canning Club. You’ll also find a 100m rifle and pistol range, and an indoor air pistol range featuring sixteen stations. You can shoot a centrefire or rimfire pistol or rifle here, plus the venue is a disabled-friendly range.

Midland Sporting Firearms Association

170 Great Eastern Highway, Midvale

08 9274 5494

You’ll find the Midland Sporting Firearms Association a little further to the eastern end of Perth. The range offers an indoor venue with a 34m rifle range that offers seated and standing positions. The venue supports all calibers and regular bullet types, although it does not support steel core aluminum ammo.

The pistol range features multiple 25m lanes. You can learn how to handle a firearm while at the range. You can also bring a friend for a paired lesson if you wish.

Topshot Indoor Shooting Sports

19 Brewer Road, Canning Vale

0401 307 750

Your last choice for a shooting range in Perth is the Topshot Indoor Shooting Sports venue. Topshot offers a few shooting lanes where you can practice your shots on targets of all shapes and sizes. You can shoot at various steel targets that will respond well to the ammo you use when shooting.

You can shoot either a pistol or a rifle at this indoor venue. The range features Glock and Ruger handguns, or you can stick with a Ruger American .223 rifle or a .308 Winchester rifle with a red dot sight. You’ll get multiple magazines to shoot when out here, giving you many opportunities to take your best shot.

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You will enjoy the many places where you can shoot pistols and other firearms in Perth. Check out any of these shooting ranges in Perth if you’re looking for a great firing experience. You’ll find many ways to enjoy shooting firearms while in Perth, making for one of the most unique experiences you can enjoy while in the city.

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