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The Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

gun safe dehumidifiers
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You’ll need a quality gun safe dehumidifier if you want to protect the guns inside your safe. A dehumidifier will keep your guns in a space with an approximate humidity of about 45 to 50 percent. Excess humidity can produce rust and make your gun less functional, while too little can cause the stock in your gun to crack, thus producing damage.

You’ve got plenty of gun safe dehumidifiers to choose from when looking for something that can help you protect your guns. The four options you will read about here will ensure your guns stay protected and at a lower risk of possible harm. Each model is easy to use and will work well for whatever needs you hold.

Spika Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Your first option to see is this dehumidifier model from Spika.

The dehumidifier features a small colour label around its inside drying crystals that shows how wet or dry the dehumidifier has become. You can use this to determine when you need to empty the dehumidifier. You can also recharge it in moments to ensure it works without having to rely on a power outlet to keep the safe working. The dehumidifier also comes with a twelve-month warranty, so you can be assured the design can work for all your firearms without producing any risk.


  • Does not require batteries for operation
  • The indicator is very easy to read
  • Provides a longer range for collecting excess moisture


  • Does not produce any audible signals for when you need to replace it
  • It is tough to affix on some surfaces

Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier

Another option to use for your dehumidifier needs is this model from Hornady. The canister uses 750 grams of desiccant crystals on the inside to collect moisture.

You can tell when you need to recharge the dehumidifier by looking at the crystals in the opening on the top section. You’ll need to recharge it when the crystals turn from blue to pink. The crystals change colour when the canister needs recharging.

You can recharge the dehumidifier by heating it in a warm oven. You can heat it at about 150 degrees celsius for up to four hours to get it ready again. The process ensures the crystals will stay dry, plus you won’t require any batteries to make this work.

The physical body is also easy to handle. The canister dehumidifier is a little over 12cm on its longest section, so you can fit it inside your gun safe in moments without taking up lots of room.


  • Covers all areas in your safe
  • Designed specifically for reducing moisture in gun safes
  • Reliable well known brand
  • No battery required


  • Heavy at about 1kg
  • Takes a while for the dehumidifier to cool off after recharging
  • No warning sensor when dehumidifier has reached moisture saturation point

Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Some gun safe dehumidifiers feature hooks that let you hang the unit instead of keeping it on the floor of the safe. You can hang it on a bar inside the safe, or it could stay in a compartment. You could even affix a small bar or loop at the top of the safe for the hook if you wish. The Eva-Dry E-333 dehumidifier comes with a hook that can work on any of these spots inside your safe.

The Eva-Dry dehumidifier features a silica gel desiccant on the inside. The unit handles about 175ml of moisture. The lightweight design lets you add the dehumidifier anywhere inside your safe, including spots where a hook is open.

You’ll notice the crystals on the inside window are yellow when you start using the dehumidifier. You can remove the unit when the crystals become dark. You can then plug the unit into an outlet to let it dry for about eight to ten hours.


  • The dehumidifier can last for up to a month on a full charge
  • Each unit lasts for up to ten years
  • Effective in up to 30sqm of room


  • The outside surface can become damp at times
  • The plug is tough to open from the base

Cli-Mate Dehumidification System

The Cli-Mate model is the last option to see for a dehumidifier. At 21 centimetres on its smallest side, the Cli-Mate dehumidifier provides a compact body for securing your materials with ease.

The silica dioxide crystals inside the unit will absorb moisture and prevent dampness from being a problem. The crystals feature a blue colour when they start, and they will become pink when they are wet. You can use the screen at the front to see when you need to dry out the dehumidifier by plugging it into a power source.


  • Does not spill its materials
  • Does not develop condensation
  • You can place it anywhere inside the safe, and it will still cover the whole body


  • A heavy model at 8 kg
  • It takes several hours for the unit to dry when you plug it in

Take note of how all these gun safe dehumidifiers work if you need help keeping the guns inside your safe secure and functional. All four of these models are great for how you can use them and how they remain useful for all your dehumidifying needs.

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