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Warwick Firearms WFA1L/WFA1 Review

WFA1L review
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Nick from Mayall Pest and Vermin Control gives a review on the Warwick Firearms WFA1L/WFA1. The Warwick Firearms WFA1L is an Australian designed and made spring assisted straight-pull action rifle. Reminiscient of the AR platform with its styling, it is one of the latest offerings in growing straight-pull market in Australia.

Video includes:

  • Opinion on performance
  • Best configuration for hunting/mobile use
  • Legal ownership variation between States
  • Scope used by Nick
  • information on modifications, calibre options etc
  • Close up footage and in-depth discussion about the features on the firearm
  • Accuracy Test
  • Live footage using the WFA1L for pest control

Key Takeaways

  1. High-quality Australian construction
  2. Reliable and accurate
  3. Perfect for follow-up shots
  4. If you’re wanting to use this for hunting/paddock walking, the lightened version is essential
Nick Mayall
Nick Mayall is the owner and operator of Mayall Pest and Vermin Control, a fully licenced pest control service assisting farmers in Victoria. You can find out more & enquire about Nick and Mayall Pest and Vermin Control: Facebook or Youtube

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