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SA Firearms Dealer offers storage to bushfire victims

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After the devastation we’ve seen with both the Kangaroo Island and Cudlee Creek fires many people are without their homes, and consequently, safe storage of their firearms.

Police Stations are currently unable to store any more firearms at this time. So GunForce has stepped up and is offering safe and free storage of firearms, ammunition and related items for those who have been affected by fires.

“It has come to our attention that local police stations cannot store any more firearms for safekeeping so we have teamed up with the SSAA to help facilitate and offer free storage of firearms, ammunition and related items for those that have been affected by the fires.

If you are affected by bushfires and would like to make use of this offer, contact:

Adelaide Hills
Stephen or Melissa at Gunforce direct
08 8440 0858
9am – 5pm Mon – Wed
9am – 7pm Thurs
9am – 5pm Fri
9am – 1pm Sat

Kangaroo Island
The Secretary of SSAA KI Gun Club
Lesley Beck
0438 852 220 or email [email protected]

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