Shooting Ranges In Tasmania

Tasmania may not have as many shooting ranges as what you’d find on the Australian mainland, but the ones it has are among the best in the country. Here’s a look at the best shooting ranges in Tasmania for you to visit. Blue Hills Sporting Shooters Club Website: Address: Blue Hills Road, Arthur Highway, […]

The Best Shooting Forums In Australia

The number of Australian firearm owners has been increasing in recent years, resulting more Aussies looking for places to speak about their hobby. A big community has grown around shooting for sports. A handful of forums are dedicated for these shooters to come together and ask each other questions and give advice.  We’ve picked the […]

Semi Auto Air Rifles In Australia

Semi auto air rifles offer a unique ability in most jurisdictions for Australian’s to purchase a semi automatic rifle with their existing firearms licence. Semi auto air rifles are legal in all Australian states under a category A licence. You can use your licence to acquire one of these four top-quality semi auto air rifles. […]

BB Guns In Australia

BB guns are often confused as toys, despite the government in Australia treating these as firearms. Whilst not as strong as most types of air rifles, BB guns have the potential to pierce the skin and could cause significant damage to the eye.  What Are BB Guns? BB Guns are air guns carrying metallic ball […]