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Shooting Ranges In Tasmania

tasmania shooting ranges
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Tasmania may not have as many shooting ranges as what you’d find on the Australian mainland, but the ones it has are among the best in the country. Here’s a look at the best shooting ranges in Tasmania for you to visit.

Blue Hills Sporting Shooters Club


Address: Blue Hills Road, Arthur Highway, Copping TAS 7174

Phone: 0488 441 499

The Blue Hills Sporting Shooters Club is open to members of the Sporting Shooter Association of Australia. A licence isn’t required for shooting here, although it is recommended.

The Blue Hills Club features four ranges. These go from 25m to 500m and cover various firearm types, including smallbore rifles and pistols. There are also a few shotgun lanes, and even a couple of sites for archery.

The facility also offers informal training to people looking to learn more about how to shoot. You can learn the basics of shooting and how to plan a good aim while at the range.

Huon Combined Shooting Club


Address: Castle Forbes Bay, Franklin TAS 7113

Another SSAA-associated shooting club, the Huon Combined Club features multiple short-distance ranges, including 25m and 50m fields. The place is open for rifle shooting, but shotgun and pistol events are also available. Clay shooting events also take place on occasion.

Campbell Town Rifle Club


Address: Scottsdale Rifle Range, 34900 Tasman Highway, Scottsdale TAS 7260

Phone: 0437 675 190

The Campbell Town Rifle Club promotes long-range shooting with a focus on long-range precision and rifle-steel firearms. You can shoot at targets up to 800m away. You can rent one of many rifles and also use different scopes to help you reach whatever targets you find.

Oakdale Pistol Club


Address: Warrane TAS 7018

Phone: 02 8805 3900

The SSAA Oakdale Pistol Club features a small range for most shooting activities. The place concentrates on rifle and pistol shooting activities.

Van Diemen Pistol Club


Address: 75 Remount Road, Mowbray TAS 7248

Phone: 03 6326 6111

The Van Diemen Pistol Club focuses mainly on pistol firing. You can go to the club’s range and shoot one of various pistols, including traditional models and air pistols. The place can also provide details on where you can go to get your license.

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These shooting ranges in Tasmania include some appealing spots that will entertain all shooters looking for something unique. Contact us if you want us to highlight another range in the area.

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