Major Australian Bank Shutting Down Firearms Businesses Bank Accounts

In another case of large corporates kowtowing to fringe interest groups which don’t represent the majority of Australians, The National Australia Bank (NAB) has been reviewing their relationships with the firearms businesses and decided they will be cancelling and closing the business banking accounts and credit facilities solely because they run government licenced, legally operated […]

NSW Police Minister refuses to stand down as Police confirm investigation underway.

The NSW Police Minister David Elliot has today flagged that he will not stand down, despite the fact he is now under criminal investigation for what he describes as an “administrative breach”. Yesterday, GunHub reported that Mr Elliot has fired a fully automatic submachine gun without the appropriate license, which is illegal in NSW even […]

NSW Police Minister facing prospect of Gun Charges

NSW Police Minister David Elliot is tonight facing the daunting prospect of criminal charges after images surfaced of the minister shooting two prohibited firearms at a range at a Correctional Centre without the appropriate licenses. Today the NSW Police said that it had reviewed images of Mr Elliot firing a semi-automatic pistol and a Heckler […]

Gunman reported to Brisbane Police, carrying semi-automatic military-style umbrella.

A triple-zero call on March 8 triggered a major police response, sending Brisbane’s Boondall Wetlands into lockdown with police scouring the area for a reported gunman, who ended up being a well-prepared pedestrian wielding an umbrella. Witness Ben Sartor saw it all unfold “I was having a leisurely ride along Kedron Brook towards Nudgee Beach, […]

Wedgetail Industries MPR308 Review

Today Nick reviews the Australian made Wedgetails Industries MPR308. This review covers: Information about Wedgetail Industries MPR308s specifications Close up video of the rifle Nick’s opinion on the MPR308 Accuracy test